Customer Service SWOT Analysis

A Customer Service SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis, is a solid first step for those organizations who need to refresh their position on the competitive and internal benefits to be derived from improved customer service.

Customer Service Strategic Forum

Is a one to three day intensive look at an organization’s current customer service processes, culture and competitive positions. With an enhanced shared vision, the Strategic Forum team can then develops action plans to address identified customer service opportunities.

Customer Service Process Development

This service offering is designed for those organizations who want to transform their current customer service delivery model into a robust competitive advantage. Our methodology gains participation and engagement from all areas of the organization necessary to make the new customer service model a strength of the organization.

Customer Service Surveys

Regardless of whether you use occasional comment cards or have a consistent customer contact process, it is vital to know what your customers are thinking and feeling about your goods or services. Parker Wright can assist your development a survey or a program to keep you in touch with your customers and gain new insights from the process.