Cornell Wright has a long history of providing clients, friends and colleagues with advice and coaching based upon his professional and personal journey. Whether as a professional service or human connection, Cornell Wright has become known for his clarity and sound advice.

The approach used by Cornell Wright to assist his business coaching clients is that of a “running partner.” In business, you do not have time to stop. You need services and resources that can maintain the pace of your life and your business. Because of his extensive client industry background, Cornell will be up to speed quickly and able to “run” with you toward your goals. An occasional nudge on the route to avoid a puddle is what you can expect, when Cornell is your running partner.

In 2010, based upon his desire to offer support and coaching to a group that is critical to the delivery of customer service, Cornell Wright established a Community of Interest — The LinkedIn group of I AM A RECEPTIONIST.

This Community of Interest, of receptionists from around the world, currently has over 24,000 global members and is continuing to grow. Based upon the success of this Community of Interest, Cornell Wright and his colleagues will develop other groups with the same intention of providing a platform for sharing, learning and growth of those professions who are critical to the delivery of quality customer service.