31 Coffee Breaks to a Better Organization
Ebook $4.50 | Soft Cover $15.99

“Let’s have a cup of coffee together.”

Depending on the day and time, those words from a friend or coworker might be among the top 10 things you hear on any given day.

This book, hopefully, offers you the same welcome invitation.

31 Coffee Breaks to a Better Organization is a compilation of business columns that I have written over the years and that have been published in the New Haven Register, New Haven, Connecticut.

The topics vary across the spectrum of management challenges and opportunities. I believe there is enough territory covered to offer a few good conversations on areas for improvement in your organization.

Because the writings have a word limitation, each of the 31 conversations range from approximately three to five tweets in length. Therefore, each conversation fits well within the time-frame you would allocate to a cup of coffee with an associate.

Also, as you look closely at the cover, there are cups that appear to be empty, should water or tea be your preferred beverage of choice. It all works to promote an effective conversation.

I hope you find the book and the concepts presented to be informative, entertaining and relevant.

As always, Plan Well and Execute,

Cornell N. Wright