Customer Service does not always have a clear cause and effect. Therefore, at Parker Wright, we have embarked on a path of research incorporating longitudinal surveys and interview based research. Our research results has provided us with insights on the leverage points of customer service. The combination of large scale, company specific and customer interaction research projects is moving us closer to improved predictability of customer service initiatives for our clients.

Large Scale Research – Parker Wright is initiating an annual survey to gain the input from leaders around the world to gain their insights about what matters in the delivery and receipt of customer service.

The Parker Wright Annual Customer Service Survey for 2015 will provide a baseline for our clients to measure their progress across the spectrum of activities that matter in the delivery and receipt of quality customer service. Company Specific Research — Additionally, we offer to clients a free Customer Service Overview Assessment. This survey based tool provides clients with a quick snapshot of how their customer service capabilities compare with other firms who have completed the survey. With this information firms can quickly determine potential areas for customer service leverage.

For more specific recommendations, we offer an Enhanced Customer Service Assessment, for a small fee, that provides a custom assessment of your customer service capabilities. The outcome from the assessment are custom prescriptive recommendations for customer service projects that will have an impact on your customer service.

Customer Interaction Research — For the past seven years, Parker Wright has conducted a survey to evaluate specific customer service interactions. This research based upon the customer service interactions of a diverse group of colleagues, in a variety of customer to business interactions, grounds our recommendations to our clients.