Parker Wright understands that any new initiative requires new, specific learning, to accompany the implementation of new a processes, strategy or culture. We offer customized training from executive level to front-line team members. All training is designed to insure that the delivery of a new customer service initiative is understood by your team to sufficient depth to minimize the risk of a less than desired implementation. Depending on the desired educational outcomes, we utilized distance learning or in-person training techniques.

At Parker Wright, we feel strongly that better customer service is enhanced through customized training. Typically, we will start with an understanding of your customer service objectives. From our established training modules we select the ones most suitable for your team. However, we do not hesitate to create new training modules specifically tailored to your team’s needs and your customer service initiatives.

This blending of traditional and customer specific training modules provides a training experience that is rich in content, engagement and relevancy.

In the spring of 2015 Parker Wright will launch an intensive training for Executives –”Make it Right.” The topics in “Make it Right” will include but not be limited to:

  • Selling the concept of customer service
  • Customer Service the third leg of an organization’s completive strategy
  • Customer Service — What does it mean to you and your customers?

Please contact Cornell Wright, 203.377.4226, to discuss your training interests.