The Parker Wright Group, Inc. is a management consulting firm with a passion for assisting clients who want to enhance their relationships with their clients through improved customer service.

The following chart, based upon our research, illustrates this point
How does your organization compete, strategically, in the marketplace?


We believe Customer Service is a critical differentiator in the marketplace. Externally Customer Service is the manner in which you respond to inconsistencies in your product, service or processes with your primary customers, vendors and environmental vendors. Internally Customer Service is the level of teamwork that members of your organization deliver to each other every day.

Your customer service strategy is the third leg of your marketing and sales strategy.Customer Service spans the arc from your Receptionist to your Chief Customer Officer. Customer Service is a cultural element of your organization, much like winning. Customer Service or Customer Intimacy is the second most implemented strategy among the three generic strategies. Your customer service strategy is the third leg of your competitive strategy.